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Soyo Hong

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RISD grad. Korean expat. Low-key hustler.

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What are the penalties for animal cruelty in cities around the world?

What are the potential maximum penalties for animal cruelty?...

Oofcmv97qprmiw9bveucca article

What are "natural flavors" anyway?

Hopes&Fears answers questions with the help of people who know what they’re talking about. Today, we wonder what the elusive nutritional term “natural flavors” really means....

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How Hannibal's food stylist creates hypothetical human meat

H&F interviews Janice Poon, the food stylist for NBC's "Hannibal" on how she “Hannibalizes” perversely delectable and human-looking dishes and Mads Mikkelsen's skills in the kitchen. #SaveHannibal!...

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Do sharks attack for food, fun, or revenge? — Hopes&Fears — flow "Question"

Do sharks attack for food, fun, or revenge? — Hopes...